We all know how cold winter in Wellington can be – and the expensive electricity bills for heaters are definitely not enjoyable! That’s why we’ve put together 10 tips & tricks to make your home warmer, without costing the earth!

1. Let sunlight in during the day
When you wake up, make sure to open all curtians that will get sunlight shining through during the day. This helps to heat up your home. When the sun goes down, shut your curtains to keep the heat in.

2. Get thick(er) curtains
The thicker your curtains are, the less your heat will be able to escape through your windows.

3. Don’t have objects in front of your heater
If you have a couch, or any other object in front of your heater this can stop it from spreading the heat efficiently around your home. Your heater needs a clear path for it to be able to spread heat everywhere.

4. Insulate your hot water tank
Insulating your hot water tank through the services of a Wellington plumber will help to keep your water warmer for longer. This will help reduce costs too.

5. Block out draughts
Draughts are essentially the air that comes through the gaps at the bottom/sides of your doors. You may notice the air a bit colder near your front door. This is because cold air is coming through! You can block the air by making DIY ‘sausages/snakes’ with material, or by purchasing rubber seals. Failing this, you’ll need to chat to your local building company.

Got a cat door? Check it for any cold air coming through!

6. Use oven heat
If you’ve been doing some baking/cooking in the oven, once you turn the oven off, leave the door open! This means the oven heat can spread through your home to make it a little bit warmer.

7. Always wear socks!
You’ll be amazed at the difference a pair of fluffy socks can make to your whole body temperature. If you never wear socks and complain about the cold – then that’s your fault! Socks are a necessity. You can grab super fluffy socks from most pharmacy’s, or semi-fluffy socks from places such as The Warehouse, or Kmart.

8. Cover your chimney
If you have an old fireplace & chimney that doesn’t get used, you’ll want to cover it up. Your houses warm air can escape through your chimney. Cover it up with wood, sealing, or purchase a ‘chimney balloon’ – give it a google if you need it!

9. Close doors
If you have a spare room(s) or rooms that don’t get used, keep their doors closed! If you don’t need to heat them up, then leaving the doors open only spreads your heater air into them, reducing the amount of heat in the rest of your house.

10. Layer yourself up!
If you don’t want to spend much money at all to feel warm in your home, simply layer yourself up with lots of clothing, socks, scarves, and blankets. A pair of big slippers can be a huge help too!

Source: Wellington Live